Mobile Internet Packages in Saudi Arabia – Latest Packages 2020

The Internet connection is a very powerful tool for many people worldwide, and it is spreading quickly.  In this article, we will discuss some internet services in Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the country having 7.7 million internet users by the report of 2009. The administration development rate in Saudi Arabia is very nearly multiple times the world’s development rate during a similar timeframe.

mobile internet packages in saudia arabia

The internet is spreading more between males than females and between youthful people than more professional ones. The time duration for those who are using the internet daily is 70%, which means they are spending at least 4 hours every day surfing the World Wide Web, WWW.  It demonstrates that most of the members are paying 100-300 riyal consistently on the internet providers.

Mobile Internet Packages in Saudi Arabia.

Here are some of the most preferred network providers in Saudi Arabia that gives the best mobile internet packages.


Zain gives you prepaid data plans in which you can subscribe to 1GB Data for one month in just 30 SAR and 2GB for one month in only 50 SAR; they have a lot of data packages for you that are explained below. You can easily subscribe to them through the web as well.

  • 10GB for one month in 100 SAR and three months in 135 SAR
  • 20GB data for three months in 230 SAR and 50GB in 250 SAR.
  • 100 GB for one month in 168 SAR and three months in 335 SAR.


The web association’s speed and nature were the most significant elements, while the value was of less importance. Peak web access time was discovered to be in the late night times.



Mobile is also providing some prepaid packages for users. They are relatively cheaper than the above one.

  • They give you 150MB for two weeks in just 5SR and 500MB for one month in just 20SR.
  • They offer 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, and 10GB for one month in just 50 to 156SR.
  • They do offer three months packages from 10GB T0 600GB in 220 to 409 SR.
  • Their post-paid packages are Mobily post-paid packages 100 for 100SAR while the others are the same for one month.



Fendi Mobile Internet Packages in Saudi Arabia is the most common and frequently used mobile network. They not only offer the monthly bundles but also for daily usage at affordable prices.

  • Their daily bundles contain 30MB in just 1.99 SR and 100MB for three days on only 4.99 SR.
  • Data only package for one month includes 2GB, 3and 5GB in 50,70, and 110 SAR.

In this article, we talked about network access in Saudi Arabia, which has the most significant web client in the Middle East world and one of the quickest web access fear rates around the world.

Further upgrades can be considered by including more significant examples and examining extra factors identified with clients’ assessment of administrations. Further examination ought to be directed to a screen expending practices among youthful clients.

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