Iqama huroob check in KSA – Check Iqama Huroob & Expiry Status

Huroob, which is also famous by the Khurooj name in Saudi Arabia, considered as a criminal act in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is an act when an expatriate runs away from its sponsor or does not show up at work for a specific time, then the company reports that to the Jawazat. The police of Saudi Arabia immediately start searching for the expatriate. Once the expatriate gets caught, the police will deport him. Besides, the expatriate is a criminal if he attempt this act and may face jail for a particular time. And the government will restrict him from traveling back to Saudi Arabia for around the next five years and more.

Check Iqama Huroob

You can check the Iqama Huroob quickly with the simple steps. You only need your Iqama number to check the Iqama Huroob status. And, you can only access and monitor your Huroob status in Saudi Arabia. If you’re outside KSA, you may have to use a VPN.

You may follow these steps to check the Huroob status.

  • Visit the official website of the Ministry of labor in Saudi Arabia
  • The page will show you services in the Arabic language. Unfortunately, the site does not offer you a changing language, so you have to cope up with it.
  • You will find different options like Iqama Number, nationality, passport number, etc. Avoid everything; just put your valid Iqama number on the respective option and fill the image code/captcha and press on the “bahas” option.
  • The system will show you the Huroob status against your Iqama number.

 Remove Iqama Huroob

If the Huroob is a false allegation or get in result of any misunderstanding and you want to remove it from your Iqama, you have to go through a simple procedure.

First of all, always remember that you only get Huroob on Iqama when your company or sponsor files application for it. So the very first and easy way to get rid of this trouble to talk to your Kafeel or Company. Your Kafeel is the national of KSA and must know all the necessary rules and information about Huroob and can definitely help you out by taking his appeal back, fill out some forms within 30 days period.

Secondly, In case the Kafeel or the company won’t cooperate with you or files an Huroob on your Iqama without any specific reason. You can take help from the government if you’re on the right page, and Huroob is nothing but just an allegation to you. You can go to the original site of MOL. Choose the “Contact us” option or Email them and tell them your story. They will research and definitely help you get through it.

Lastly, if these two steps would not help you to get rid of this uninvited trouble, then you have to consider this last step.  You have to visit the official office where these kinds of matters entertain. You need to tell them about your problem and get to know about your fines and pay once and for all.

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