Iqama fees – Check Saudia Iqama Fees 2020

The residence Permit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Iqama. The Iqama has to renew every year with a certain Iqama Fee. And the Iqama fee changes every year, so everyone should know about this sensitive matter.

The renewal of Iqama requires some payments like MOI Iqama Fees, Payments of Health Insurance, and Fees of Work Permits. But, there are some exceptions to the work permit fees.  House drivers, local workers, homemakers, and organizations having less than five employees are not responsible for paying fees for work permits. Though, there are also some other exceptions to pay the Iqama Fees regarding work. It varies and pay according to the number of native and immigrant employees working in the company. The details are below:

If you are working in a company where half the employees belong to Saudi Arabia, then the Fees may:


 Iqama Fees                                                   650 SAR

   Work Permit Fees  (700 SR/ Month)   8400 SAR

Insurance Fees                                           450 SAR

  Total Fees                                                    9500 SAR


If you are working in a company where half the employees are immigrants, then Fees may:

Iqama Fees                                      650 SAR

   Maktab Amal Fees                         9600 SAR

Insurance Fees                               450 SAR

   Total Fees                                      10,700 SAR


Note: the Figures are estimating and may vary with the actual.

Besides, In the case of Immigrants, If he has any family member in his sponsorship, he has to pay a certain dependent fee to renew the Iqama.

Moreover, Saudi law holds the employer responsible for all fees associated with a foreign employee’s work permit and Iqama. The employer is also required to pay ticket fees for repatriation if the employee leaves employment with the company.

The law does not set out who should pay the fee. This means the contractor will be liable if they cover the costs. Since January 2018, the expat levy has been per expat worker at SAR 400 per month. This will grow to SAR 600 in 2019 and SAR 800 in 2020 for businesses recruiting a majority of foreign workers.

The KSA will take a lot of time to complete the entire cycle of immigration and job permissions and proof. This can take up to several months to complete the application process, depending on the applicant’s nationality, the proposed work title, and the host country of the application.

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