Iqama Check Kafeel Name – How to Check Kafeel Name Online 2020

This is the essential thing that the visitor must know about Iqama Check Kafeel Name. Kafeel is the person who is your sponsor in Suadi Arabia. The Kafeel may be an individual or a company. Kafeel is responsible for some responsibilities. His responsibilities include:

  • Issue of employment visa
  • Issue of Iqama (work permit)
  • Responsible for salaries of employees
  • Issuance of exit or re-entry visa

Iqama Check Kafeel Name

Any Employer working in Saudi Arabia Company becomes more prominent when an expat/international transfer his Iqama from one kafeel to another and is called Nakal Kafala. After this process, the expact wants to know whether his kafeel name is changed or not.  The officials like, Ministry of Labor and Ministry of interior involves in this process and offer you the service to check your kafeel. If your kafeel name is changed against your Iqama, then the Nakal Kafal process is successfully done, and your Iqama is transferred to the respective Kafeel you chose to transfer.

Check Kafeel Name

There are few secure methods to Iqama Check kafeel Name or Nakal Kafala.

  • Check with Iqama Number
  • Iqama Check Kafeel name with Absher.
  • Visit your company HR.
  • Check Iqama Kafeel Name on your visa sticker.

Check Kafeel with Iqama Number

Check your Nakal kafala or Kafeel name has never been this easy. You just need your Iqama Number, and you will get to know who is your kafeel, whether your Kafeel name is updated if you changed it recently. Below are a few vital steps to check your Kafeel name.

  1. Visit the official website of the Ministry of Labor of KSA.
  2. Now the new page will appear, you have to choose the service type.
    You will see ۃالخدم نوع written in the middle of the page; it means type of service. When you click this option, you will get to see a drop-down menu with a few more options. You have to select the fourth one service, “دافولمعاخدمۃ نقل.”
  3. Then the new page will appear. Here you will see two main options at the right of the page. You need to select the second one and enter your Iqama number just against the second option.
  4. After entering the Iqama number, fill the image code at the black space and click at the “Bahas” option in Arabic.
  5. When you enter, the system will show you’re your Kafeel name at the bottom of the page in Arabic. You have to copy the statement and check it with the google translator you could better understand it.

This is the most simple way to check your Kafeel name at any time from anywhere. And the best thing, you don’t have to make your account anywhere. You just need a good internet connection, the official website of the Ministry of Labor of KSA and your Valid Iqama Number.

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