End of Service Benefits Calculation in Saudi Arabia

Working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is like a dream come true. Apart from a handsome salary package, employees get to receive additional perks and benefits not only at the time of working but after leaving the job too. Every employee in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gets to receive an end of service benefits (ESB) despite their position and nature of work they are doing.

End of Service Benefits Calculation in Saudi Arabia

The employees get the benefits at the time they leave the company. Yes, entitlement to ESB varies on the status of the worker at a company, like whether he is resigning or terminating. Also, the benefits depend on the time duration he serves at the company.

In the case of Employee Resignation

If an employee resigns from the position, and then there will be four possibilities to receiving end of service benefits.

  • New employees and the ones who joined the company for less than two years are not entitled to end of service benefits. An employee has to have two years of working experience in the same company to claim ESB.
  • An employee who works for more than two years and less than five years in the same company is entitled to 1/3 of his ESB reward. 1/3 means half of his salary.
  • An employee who works in a company for more than five years but less than ten years is entitled to 2/3 of his ESB reward or half of the salary from its first five years of service and full pay for the next five years.
  • An employee who works in the same company for ten years is most likely to receive full entitlement along with a half salary of the first few years of service and full salary for the following years as an ESB reward.

In case of Termination

  • An employee who terminates before five years of providing services gets full entitlement and half of his salary as an ESB award.
  • An employee who terminates after completing five years in a company receive full entitlement along with the half salary for the first five year and full of the following ones.

Other Important Points

  • If an employee leaves the work resulting in any force majeure outside of his control, then he is entitled to the full award.
  • If a female employee ends her working contract within six months of her marriage and three months from the date of her delivery, then she may receive the full reward.

End of Service Benefits Calculation

You must read all the rules and essential notes about claiming your end of service benefits. We hope you know where you are standing and how much benefits are waiting for you. Besides, at the time of leaving the company, the employer shall pay his wages and clear all his entitlements within one week.

You can check your end of service benefits by visiting the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development portal.

To get the end of service benefit calculator, visit the following link.


Once you see a calculator on your screen, translate it into the English language and enter the relevant

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