Check Visa Validity in KSA – Latest Guide 2020

Saudi Visa Validity and exit Re-entry is quite an issue in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Everyone should be aware of their Visa validity in order to avoid facing any trouble. You can check Visa Validity for Exit Re-Entry visa through different mediums, and the Muqeem portal is one of them.

E-serve portal Muqeem is an online service provider where you can get all the necessary information about your visa duration. Also, you can avail of the service multiple times and free of charge.

Check Visa Validity (Exit Re-Entry Visa) Using Muqeem

Checking visa validity through Muqeem is pretty straightforward. The procedure starts with visiting the E-serve visa validity Muqeem service portal. The first page appears to show you instructions in Arabic. However, you can change the language to English. The next thing following the procedure is, enter the Iqama number in the first option. In the second option, you will have choices where you can put your name, passport number, date of birth, or Iqama expiry date. You can put your name on the second option because that is the easiest and easy to remember the choice. After fulfilling the necessary requirements, then press enters and click on the “check” option.

After clicking on the “check” option, the next screen will appear that shows you the status of visa validity. Besides, Visa paper/form also has the visa duration and return date.

Furthermore, it is also possible that your exit and re-entry process is still pending. If it is the case, you will find the status of visa validity as follows:

Apart from that, if you see the expired exit re-entry visa on the screen, which means the new one is still in process.

You Can Also Check your IQAMA EXPIRY STATUS

Check Exit Re-Entry Visa Status Via Moi Absher

Another process to check the exit re-entry visa is through Moi Absher. It is also another easy way to avail of this service.

The method of using Moi Absher is not that difficult. follow these steps for better understanding:

  • First, log in to Absher Account. If you don’t have your account, make one by using a sign-up option.
  • Once you log in, go to the “My Services” tab and click on the “Inquiries” option.
  • Another window will appear, click on the passport, and then choose the option Exit/Entry Visa status.
  • Another new window will be open on your screen having the following details:
  • Iqama Number
  • Id number of your Sponsor
  • Image code as captcha
  • The Passport number or Visa number.
  • Once you enter the following details, click on the “View” button.

The system will audit your details and generate the electronic exit re-entry visa status for you.

Check Visa Status on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

You can also check visa status through the MOFA portal if you have applied for a visit or a family visa in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hajj and Umrah Visa checking option is also available on this portal.

Cancel Exit Re-Entry Visa

If you want to cancel the exit re-entry visa, you may have to ask your Kafeel (Sponsor, Company). Abshar Portal gives the facility to all the dependents to cancel their exit re-entry visa. However, if your family is dependent on you, you can cancel their exit re-entry visa by just visiting the Abshar portal.

As per the Government’s rules and regulations, you can cancel the visa, but you won’t be able to refund the fees.

Exit Re-entry Visa Fee

Exit Re-entry fees depend on the duration of the visa you want. 2-month visa duration fees are about 200 Saudi Riyals. And, three months’ visa duration fees cost you around 300 Riyals. If you are planning a long vacation, then four months duration visa costs you about 400 riyals. So, no matter how many month duration visas you want, Visa Fee charges will cost you accordingly. And the thing to remember is, the maximum duration of exit re-entry visa in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is six months. So, you have to return to KSA within six months and get a new exit re-entry visa to stay longer outside.

Exit Re-Entry Visa Document

You may not need a hard copy of the exit re-entry visa because the authorities are going to check online. But, if you still want a hard copy for your satisfaction, you can screenshot the e-serve page. Besides, for all the dependents, Absher will allow you to print it.

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