How to check Traffic Violation or Mukhalfa in Saudi Arabia?

There has been a rapid economic process within the kingdom of Asian countries since 1973, resulting in an infinite increase within the number of vehicles. Many roads are constructed to cope up with this increase. Saudi Arabia has given extreme new disciplines for petty criminal offenses, including fines and lengthy jail sentences for causing injury or demise, as per reports. Saudi Gazette said the corrected traffic guideline rebuffs eight kinds of infringement.

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Check Traffic Violation or Mukhalfa in Saudi Arabia

It comes as the realm faces up to 20 passings connected to auto collisions every day. The new violation starts at SAR100-150 ($27-40) for leaving a vehicle with its motor running. Motorists will be charged SAR150-300 for not utilizing markers while moving to another lane, switching for more than 20m on primary streets.

Moreover, drivers may also be fined SAR1,000-2,000 for not having a variety plate and not using lights when driving late. Fines increases to SAR3,000-6,000 for skipping a stoplight and overtaking buses. Besides, drivers who have their vehicle impounded and don’t retrieve it within 90 days will see it put for auction.

MOI Traffic Violation Online.

You can get to MOI Traffic Violation records by signing in to the Ministry of Interior’s online gateway Absher. You will have the option to check your traffic fine (Mukhalfa) sum and different subtleties by visiting the most user-friendly Absher site.

Every time you get a traffic violation ticket, it will be recorded in your profile within the interior system’s ministry forever. You will access MOI traffic violation records by logging into the church of interior online portal Absher. You will be ready to check your traffic slight MUKHALFA amount and other details by visiting the same website.

To check MOI traffic violation, you can easily visit on Absher website from the link; you can easily set your respective understandable language and then type your email address and password. When the page is open to you, you will find a lot of options, which include the alternative: the total amount of traffic violations.” After choosing this option, you will have to enter your Iqama number and then image code to view your traffic fine on Iqama. Finally, when you press the view button, you will be access to this automatically.

For More Info.

If you are looking for another or previous traffic violation information record, then enter your same iqama number again from the same page. You can get full details about your traffic violations, including the exact date, day, and time.

MOI Traffic fine Payment Period

It would be helpful for you if you had to pay the traffic violation or mukhalfa payment within 30 days of the exact violation date; otherwise, you will have to face fines and pay the double amount. This 30 days time limit will start from the violation date, not from the notification date. Also, all traffic fines must be paid to urge a renewed Iqama or for an issuing exit/re-entry permit or changing sponsorship.

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