Check Final Exit Visa Status – Latest Procedure 2020

Whenever you plan to visit any country, you must hold a valid passport and visa to ensure your legal living and actions. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the same requirements for everyone who wants to come for any purpose. It would be best to have an authentic visa, whether you are a tourist, pilgrim or an employee.

Check Final Exit Visa Status

However, if you are working in the Kingdom and decides to leave permanently, you need a Final Exit Visa. The visa is also known as “Khuruj Nihai” in the state. That visa ensures that your company/employer allowed you to leave the job, and now you want to go back to your home legally.

Different ways help you check the final exit visa status from the comfort of your home. The government of Saudi Arabia never disappoints its citizen and workers to provide the best possible services. They are continuously improving to enhance the government systems for the convenience of its people.

If you have your Iqama number, border number or passport number, you will easily keep a check on your final exit visa status through the Ministry of Labor’s website.

Check Final Exit Visa Status Using the Ministry of Labor Website

The official website portal is super easy to use, and anyone can get the relevant details within minutes. Here are a few necessary steps you need to follow to check your final exit visa status.

  • Visit the website using the following site MOFA visa
  • Don’t panic after seeing the first window appears on the screen. No worries if you don’t know the Arabic language, we will guide you through the process.
  • In the second text tab, enter your Iqama/border/passport number and then image captcha code.
  • After entering the details, hit the green-colored option “Behas” in Arabic.

Check Final Exit Visa Status Using the Ministry of Labor Website

Now, there will be two possible results you may get. If your visa is still in the process, you get the “Ali Raas Alamal” in Arabic. It means “On the Job” in English. However, if you successfully get the final exit visa, you will see the “Khurooj Nihai” option in Arabic, which means Final Exit.

Check Final Exit Visa Status Using the Ministry of Interior (MOI) Website

Besides the Ministry of Labor, there are other ways to check the Final Exit visa status. Let’s check out how you can track your visa status through the Ministry of Interior website. Follow the steps to get the relevant results.

  • Login to your Absher account by providing valid details.
  • On the main page, search for “Exit/Re-entry visa status.”
  • Now a short form will appear to your page. Enter the “Iqama Number,” “Sponsor Id,” and “Image code.”
  • Then below are the mandatory details you need to put. It includes the Passport number or Visa number.
  • After entering all the information, reread it and correct it if you find any mistake.
  • Finally, hit the View button to get your result.


Now, with the help of the service provide by KSA, you will be able to get your Final exit visa status. If your visa status is in process, check it after few days by applying the same process.

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