Check Exit Re-Entry Visa Status online using Muqeem and without Absher

Exit Re-entry visa is a requirement for both the expatriate who depends on a work visa and individuals who holds permanent family visa as their legal evidence to reside in Saudi Arabia. The nature of the Saudi Visa is a little complex. Once your visa is near to its expiry date, you are required to apply for an Exit Re-entry visa for exiting and re-entering into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Check Exit Re-Entry Visa Status online using Muqeem and without Absher

However, applying a visa is not a complicated task. You need to fulfill a few formalities and legal actions to claim it. But, the real headache is keeping track of visa status amid your busy routine. No worries anymore! This new digital era is making our lives easier by providing everything on the internet. And Saudi Arabia is no more left behind.

Now you can check Exit Re-entry visa status online using Muqeem Portal instead of Absher. It is the most user-friendly website that helps you keep track of your visa status in a few clicks.

Check Exit Re-Entry Visa Status Online using Muqeem

Following are the few easy steps that you need to follow to check your visa status online through Muqeem portal.

  • First, you need to visit the Muqeem website through the following link
  • The window will appear to you will show details in Arabic. You need to click on English from the top of the page.
  • Now you can see a short form where it says to provide Iqama Number or Visa Number and enter relevant details.
  • The next column, namely cross-match by will ask you to select an option that includes; Visa and passport number, Name, date of birth, Iqama expiry date, or Visa expiry date.
  • Select the options and enter the your details.
  • Then hit the check button.

Check Exit Re-Entry Visa status Online without Absher using Muqeem

Furthermore, you can find all your visa details all together in the next window. The details include Your Full Name, Visa and passport Number, Visa issue date, Date of return, Visa type, Visa duration, Inside/Outside Kingdom, and date of birth.

Print Exit Re-Entry Visa Online

Even though you do not need a hard copy of your Exit Re-entry visa in the international airports of Saudi Arabia, but for your reference and satisfaction, you can get a print out of your visa details from Absher. It will appear as a regular paper that includes all your necessary information. However, if you are an employee working in a reputable company, then your sponsor or employer is responsible for arranging the exit re-entry visa for you.

In the end, we advise you to check Exit Re-entry visa status online to save yourself and your family for any inconvenience and bad experience. We understand your busy routine and how you are working day and night to fulfill your needs, but once your visa is expired, you are considered living there illegally, and the government couldn’t resist itself from charging you fine. So, it is better to take precautions with the incredible and easy to use services provided by the government.

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